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Some more background on my audio production and podcasting work

You Inspire Us

Podcast Producer

I can’t thank my partner in crime Saga Ringmar enough for brainstorming and being curious with me…

Eliot Jackson,
Former MTB Athlete and Sports Commentator for Red Bull TV

Brought to you by Thule, You Inspire Us is all about people who inspire us to live a more active, fulfilling life. Every other week, host Eliot Jackson of Red Bull TV deep dives into conversations with athletes, and all-around adventurers. From snowboard legend Xavier De Le Rue to king of MTB Slopestyle Emil Johansson. The podcast has amassed 3.1K listeners as well as 3.9K viewers on YouTube so far. 

The NüVoices Podcast

Senior Podcast Producer

It’s actually amazing. We listen to the rough cut before [Saga’s] editing and it’s like night and day.

Joanna Chiu,
Founder of NuVoices and journalist at The Toronto Star

Launched by Joanna Chiu, journalist for the Toronto Star, this podcast features interviews with female experts on the subject of China. Guests include the likes of NPR’s China correspondent Emily Feng and Axios journalist Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian. The podcast receives around 1.4K listeners per episode, putting it in the top 10% of podcasts globally. I produce the show, edit audio, write show notes, create social media posts, and help record episodes.

Pause Play Repeat

Co-host and Producer

Without Saga as a producer for Pause Play Repeat, we wouldn’t have had any listeners […] it’s like she had a secret recipe that makes everyone sound intelligent and interesting.

Anya Goncharova
Head of Marketing at Message Heard Podcasts

In this personal podcast I produced together with my friend Anya Goncharova, we rated and reviewed all kinds of podcasts, and spoke about the podcasting industry. Whether you are looking for scifi or crime, news or cooking, we provided bite-sized reviews with a laugh and a critical ear.

Kinapodden i P1, Sveriges Radio


This is the Swedish Public Radio’s podcast on China with China correspondents Björn Djuberg and Hanna Sahlberg. The podcast is one of the top 150 most-listened podcasts in Sweden. The P1 radio station that produces this podcast has over 1,75 million listeners. I assisted the producer in monitoring Chinese current events, pop culture, and internet trends. I then compiled weekly reports with background research, and pitched stories in weekly meetings. I also sourced audio clips from external sources, and fact-checked information.

Click to listen to an episode I worked on.


Kina som en Framgångsrik fotbollsnation, Studio 1, Sverige’s Radio

Freelance journalist

In the summer of 2018, I conducted research, booked interviews, wrote scripts, and produced freelance radio stories for Sverige’s Radio. One of them was broadcast on the Swedish Public Radio’s morning news program Studio Ett. It was about China’s goals of becoming a world champion at football, and why, despite massive investment, they are not seeing any results.

Listen to the story here

Repackaging Podcast Content for Social Media Platforms

A summary of the work that I have done repackaging podcast content for various social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and even live streams.

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