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IcaNyheter: ‘Näthandel med färskvaror ritar om Kinas städer’ (E-commerce is rewriting Chinese cities)

“I Kina är e-handel en mångmiljardindustri – och nu vill e-handelsföretagen dominera offline-tjänster också. I ett brev till aktieägarna år 2017 lanserade Alibabas grundare, Jack Ma, planer på en så kallad ’new retail’-strategi. Tanken är att sudda ut gränserna mellan traditionell handel och handel online.”

Read the article here.

Time Out Beijing: “More hints that Google might be returning to China”

As the techies may know, the Beijing stop of popular international startup conference TechCrunch was held in Haidian over the last two days (November 2-3). Eric Schmidt (he’s the executive chairman of Alphabet, Google’s parent company) stopped by for a chat, and, while on-stage, dropped this little gem: ‘The interesting thing is that Google never really left China…In fact, we do hope to provide services here…’

Wait …what? Does that mean there’s a chance Google might be getting unblocked in China? Well, Schmidt seemed to be hinting at just that.

‘[Google] has lots of partners [in China] and we have offices in… Taiwan and Hong Kong,’ Schmidt said at the conference, further explaining that Google has been in constant communication with the Chinese government about the company’s presence in the country