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City Weekend Beijing: “Filming Starts for a Chinese House of Cards Series”

Have you ever watched House of Cards and thought, “what the world really needs is a Chinese version of this show”? And after thinking that, sighed and remembered that a CCP-style Frank Underwood is something we may never see in our lifetime?

Well that is about to change … sort of.

Reportedly masterminded by higher-ups in the party itself, the plan is to invest RMB120 million in a House of Cards-esque television drama aimed to depict the thrills of Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign. This marks the first time the CCP has ever depicted their own members as bad guys–bad guys who Xi and his cronies are trying to set right (Big Daddy Xi to the rescue once again). Read the whole article here.

City Weekend Beijing: “Is the People’s Liberation Army’s Video Cooler Than Beyonce’s Lemonade?”

Unless the you’ve been lying under your covers for a month and lost all sense of time and space…you’ve probably heard about the release of Beyonce’s Lemonade music video. But did you know that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) also just released a hip hop music video?

That’s right, you didn’t. Nobody did.

That’s because, although the PLA does have big guns, shiny missiles, and camouflage uniforms galore – their rap game is not super on point. Actually, there are few songs out in the world as bad as this one. Also, three whole minutes of men being shot in the head and tanks crushing things is a bit overwhelming. An angry “rapper” yelling “Brothers to the light! Roar roar roar roar!” doesn’t make things any better. Read the whole article here. 

Time Out Beijing: “The best places to get tattooed in Beijing”

Tattoo artist Chacha

Where are you from? ‘My hometown is in Hunan. You know, it’s Chairman Mao’s hometown so it’s pretty famous.’

Why did you decide to become a tattoo artist? ‘It was when I was in Yunnan. I realised I should probably start making money so that I could actually buy food. But I didn’t want to buy a tie and work in some office building, so I thought it might be a good idea to start tattooing.’

Were you always good at art? ‘I wasn’t that good in the beginning. When I [started out] in Yunnan I made a lot of horrible tattoo works. People said, “No, don’t go to Chacha. He’s just awful!” But you’ve got to keep practising, and you’ll constantly improve.’

When did you get your first tattoo? ‘My first tattoo was a big mummy skull on my chest. It was really horrible, the line looked wrong, but the tattoo artist said it would be fine after it healed. After it healed, I realised he was just lying. So I was really sad about that. And it’s affected how I tattoo people today as well. I don’t want to make any mistakes because I don’t want my customers to have the same feeling I did back then.’ Read the rest of the article here.