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The Local: ‘Opinion: Do series such as Young Wallander feed the Malmö myth?’

“Far-right international media touts Malmö as a dangerous, crime-ridden city and because of this, TV shows like Young Wallander have to tread carefully, writes freelance journalist Saga Ringmar.

Warning: spoilers

In the Netflix series Young Wallander, released this autumn, we follow the young detective (played by Adam Pålsson) solving crime in a bleak Malmö. This Malmö is full of criminal activity, anti-immigration riots and nightclubs where half-naked people writhe around in cages. However, in a world where far-right media touts Malmö as a criminal hub with immigration gone awry, a series like Young Wallander must tread carefully…”

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Contributed Research in ChinaFile documentary: “Brooklyn Gospel Choir Goes to China”

“Pastor Frank Haye was quietly nervous as he paced the lawn around the temporary stage at one of China’s biggest rock festivals.

It was the last day of concerts by rock, electronic, and metal bands, and in a few hours, his Brooklyn gospel choir would come face-to-face with grass-trampling Chinese music fans.

Haye wasn’t sure how the raucous audience at the Midi Music Festival, staged each May, would take to the soulful tunes of his Brooklyn Interdenominational Choir praising the Lord. That is, if anyone showed up at all…”

Read the rest of the article and watch the video here.