Other Projects

Handicraft Workshop Consulting

From July to August 2018, I helped developed art workshops for Zanta, a Tibetan jewelry designer who is starting her own jewelry and handcrafts business. I managed her inventory, helped with marketing for the workshops and helped find sponsors. For more information: www.tibetaninbeijing.com

The BaeJing Podcast

I used to host and produce a podcast called the Baejing Podcast, a podcast where we interviewed Beijing-based professionals on issues that concerned China …. and the rest of the world, too. Some of our guests included Mary Peng, the owner of the Beijing animal shelter ICVS on animal rights in China, the dog meat trade and the pet industry and Paul French, author of the New York Times Bestseller Midnight in Peking, on why China was so much cooler in the 1920s.

Although there will be no new episodes (both hosts moved away from Beijing!) but here are some summaries of the episodes:

Episode 4: The One with the Bestselling Author Paul French

In this episode, we spoke to the award-winning author, Paul French, who wrote two great books about two grand cities: ‘Midnight in Peking’ and ‘City of Devils: A Shanghai Noir’. Paul told us all about why drinking green smoothies is not the answer to our health woes, but surprisingly, Tsingtao might be, and of course what inspired his literary non-fiction titles.

Episode 3: The One With Advertisers and Marketers

In this episode, we talk to the most mysterious people on planet earth: advertisers and marketers of today. Our first guest is the creative Tory Benyon, who is a marketing executive over at the Mosto Group that covers Moka Bros, La Social and Mosto here in Beijing. While our second is Charlie Sampson, an incredibly experienced advertising specialist and former CEO of huge creative firms Saatchi & Saatchi and Y&R in China. From tattoo parties to Toyota misunderstandings, these are the people that create everything we know about the brands we love, and here they tell us what really goes on behind the scenes. Music: Dougie Wood – Sax Attack

Episode 2: The One Where the Fashion Industry Ruins the World.

In this episode, we talk to Rosie, a former fashion buyer who worked in the UK and in China. Rosie tells us all about the horrors of the world she was once part of, lets us know just how much water is used for a single pair of jeans (and it is more than you think), and shares her experiences working with factories. We also try, and somewhat fail, to solve the entire fast fashion industry crisis, but find ways to make a difference as individuals.

Episode 1: The One Where Pets Need Our Help

In our first ever episode, we talk to Mary Peng, the founder of International Centre for Veterinary Services (ICVS), about pet welfare, the meat trade industry, animal protection and laws. We also hear a little bit of a segment from the Ellen Show where Will Smith chats about the pets he adopted from no place other than Beijing, and go to visit the cutest pups known to man.

Pilot Episode

Hello BaeJingers! Here’s a sneak peek of our brand new podcast that explores Beijing-related themes in order to learn more about the world. Our names are Saga and Anya, and we can’t wait to share the rest of our BaeJing stories with you.

The Beijinger also wrote about our podcast here. Sound Design: Will Yen Music: Dougie Wood – Sax Attack.