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The Pause Play Repeat Podcast

Me and my friend Anya have started a podcast where we rate, review and recommend all kinds of podcasts.  From true crime to fiction, history to opera, we are passionate about finding the best of the best in each genre. We like to have a fun chat about the podcasts, but are not afraid to get into topics on race, politics, feminism, politics and more. We also discuss the latest podcast news, stories that are trending, new production companies that are entering the market, and even podcast-related scandals. Listen to us everywhere!

Kinapodden i P1

I monitored Chinese social media, local news outlets and government reports to find compelling topics to cover in the podcast that are not talked about in Sweden. I pitched story ideas to the team during editorial meetings and help develop story ideas with the team. I also assisted the producer in finding compelling sound clips, help with translation and fact-check information for the episode.

China – Possible Soccer World Champions? (Swedish Public Radio)

I interned for the Swedish National Radio’s correspondent to China, Hanna Sahlberg. With her guidance, I pitched several radio stories for the Swedish National Radio. My radio story about Chinese aspirations to become soccer world champions was broadcast on the Swedish National Radio’s morning news, Studio Ett. For this piece I conducted research and interviews in both English and Chinese as well as wrote the script and mixed the audio.

The BaeJing Podcast

I used to host and produce a podcast called the Baejing Podcast, a podcast where we interviewed Beijing-based professionals on issues that concerned China …. and the rest of the world, too. Some of our guests included Mary Peng, the owner of the Beijing animal shelter ICVS on animal rights in China, the dog meat trade and the pet industry and Paul French, author of the New York Times Bestseller Midnight in Peking, on why China was so much cooler in the 1920s.

The Beijinger also wrote about our podcast here. 

Sound Design: Will Yen Music: Dougie Wood – Sax Attack.

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